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Looking for a personal loan to finance your projects or cash, we have selected for you the best personal loans and you can directly carry out your credit simulation online, you will get an immediate agreement in principle. For the purchase of a new or used vehicle prefer our credit auto or motorcycle credit and credit work to finance your work or your decoration. These are affected loans and therefore cheaper.

The personal loan

The personal loan

The personal loan is the appropriate financing for any project that does not fall within the scope of a consumer loan or an appropriated credit of the auto credit or works type. It is not regulated as the consumer credit.

It is called personal loan or project loan. Personal loan is a loan for which you do not always have to justify the use of funds. However, in practice you will usually be asked what you are for. This is the reason why, today are offered auto loans, motorcycle, work, etc … to give an object to the use of funds.

Unlike the consumer credit whose amount is limited to € 75,000, the amount of the personal loan is not limited, it is only limited by the maximum amount of credit offers market.

What is the cheapest personal loan?

personal loan

Like all other loans, personal loans can be compared with APR (annualized rate), which is a rate calculated to take into account all costs associated with the purchase of the credit. So to compare personal loans, the question is to look for the best the best APR, the lowest?

For that, do not hesitate to use our comparator above and to ask for several proposals of personal loan. Our comparator is regularly updated and takes into account current promotions.

To compare personal loans in more detail, you must compare the possible management options and the costs attached to these services, for example:

  • What are the fees in case of early repayment of the loan, before the end of the contract ie before the end of the loan;
  • Is it possible to increase or decrease the monthly repayments of the loan being reimbursed, what are the formalities, the conditions and the possible cost?

This repayment flexibility is an increasingly important criterion, especially in the case of non-regular income.

One must also take into account the loan insurance, it is not mandatory and are impact is not neutral in the cost of credit. But be aware that in case of disability or loss of employment is a plus non-negligible, however read the general and special conditions to know how you will be reimbursed and under what conditions.

Know that in the case of the purchase of a car, the financing of works or any other need of financing for which you have justifying documents (invoice, estimate, …) it is better to subscribe an affected credit which will be cheaper than a simple unaffected personal loan. For this consult our consumer credit section.

For those who wish to subscribe a credit while promoting a different credit and responsible on a human scale, the personal loan Younited Credit is a credit between individuals and guaranteed by a financing organization approved by the banking authority in France .

The personal loan rates presented are fixed APR, they are indicative and correspond to the applicable minimum rates that may change after the analysis of your application for financing.

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